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本文摘要:Nokia has re-released its classic 3310 model 17 years after it was first launched.诺基亚再度发售了其经典款的3310型手机,自其首次发售这款手机都早已过去17年了。


Nokia has re-released its classic 3310 model 17 years after it was first launched.诺基亚再度发售了其经典款的3310型手机,自其首次发售这款手机都早已过去17年了。The iconic handset was a massive hit with users back in 2000 and now the mobile phone giant is relaunching it with a month-long battery, 22 hours of talk-time, and even its popular game, snake.2000年,这款标志性手机受到了用户们的普遍青睐。


如今,该手机巨头新的发售了这款手机,其配有的电池可用于1个月之久,通话时长平均22小时,这款手机甚至还加装了其倍受青睐的游戏——贪吃蛇。The 3310, with a slick new look that pays homage to its original design, was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain.这款3310型手机是在西班牙巴塞罗那举行的全球移动通信大会上发售的,其新的外观十分精致,却也表明出有其对完整设计的崇敬。

While the handset looks similar to its predecessor, Nokia has brought its new model up to date and instead of the original display, a monochrome 84 x 84, it has a colour screen.虽然这款手机看起来与其前身相近,但诺基亚发售了最新款的机型,用彩屏更换了原本84 x 84的单色显示屏。However, it has limited internet capabilities, relying on 2.5G connectivity, with users browsing at speeds slower than if they were using 3G.然而,它的网络功能受限,仅有通过2.5G网络展开相连,如果用户用于3G网络,网页速度就不会快一些。It also has a single camera which has just two megapixels.它还有一个单向摄像头,但像素只有两百万。



The phone, which sold 126million handsets until it was phased out in 2005, will be sold by Finish company HMD Global.直到这款手机于2005年逐步投产,它已售出了1.2亿部。(如今,)这款手机将由芬兰HMD全球公司出售。The firm believe the revamped 3310 offers users the perfect compromise to modern life.该公司坚信装修的3310型手机将为用户获取针对现代生活的极致折衷方案。

HMD now hope that they can cash in on the worlds affection for the 3310 with handsets costing around 49 euros each.如今,3310型手机的售价大约为49欧元,HMD期望他们可以利用全球人民对这款手机的钟爱来捞金。



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